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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Living Room Vision

I am creating "the vision" for my living room. Bear with me, this post is basically an online version of me thinking out loud.

Sofa by Paula Deen Home (Universal Furniture)--I cannot find a dealer that carries this sofa in stock in their store. I love the look of it, but I refuse to buy a sofa that I have not sat on, because, let's face it, looks aren't everything. My tushy's gotta be cushy, too. And yes, I realize the dangers of a light-colored sofa in the presence of children and animals. It probably isn't too practical. But it sure is gooooorrgeous, huh? I love the chaise lounge too, but would prefer to get it in a contrasting fabric.

Of course, the hubby wants a leather sofa. One of my issues with that (among others) is that I really want some dark wood accent tables, and I'm not sure if that would be a little too much dark furniture in the room. But maybe I could go for something like this:

or Tommy Bahama! 

or a leather arm chair?

Neutral sofas are great, but I'm really into bright colors right now. I want my room be cheerful and cozy and full of color. Also, I've decided that although I love the classic lines of traditional furniture, I prefer modern fabrics with large graphic designs. So, on top of my beautiful taupe or chocolate sofa, I plan to have some gorgeous throw pillows in bright green and blue. I am still working on the exact shade of blue: Turquoise? Azure? Cornflower? I'll pick one, and then see a picture where another one is used, and fall in love with it. So...that will be decided by experimentation, I think. Also, I want little bits of yellow here and there, to make it look all sunny and bright. I am trying to decide whether the curtains should incorporate all of these colors, or just be green or blue and bring in the other colors elsewhere. And yes, I like flowers.

Possible fabrics for curtains:
Blue and Green
Waverly Whim Sun N Shade Mist Swavelle / Mill Creek Lundsford Opal Robert Allen @ Home Botanica Bay Fern
Blue and green and yellow
Richloom Antique Satin Alfresco Floral Capri Richloom Somerset Basketweave Seabreeze

Just Blue

Close this window   Swavelle/Mill Creek Indoor/Outdoor Arvin Nautical

Just Green

    Robert Allen Linen Dot Grass

We would need probably two lamp/end tables, and a sofa table. I've always had square end tables, and I would love to try something different. So, this time, I want a classic round table in dark wood, either black or a dark cherry to match the entertainment center. Something big and solid and gorgeous.
( all from
Burnside Accent Table  or this  or this Martha Stewart Living™ Ingrid Side Table

Sofa Table-- I don't know, I'm working on that one...

I am so over the whole coffee table thing. All we ever do is put our feet up on it anyway, so I want to get an ottoman this time. Maybe a leather one to make the hubby happy and for easy cleaning from dirty feet. Now here's a pretty the nailhead trim!

And that's the vision so far! All suggestions to help modify or improve my vision are welcome!


  1. I like the first 2 blue and green fabrics. The brown in them are cozy and warm.

  2. I probably shouldn't read your blog makes me want to decorate, but it just isn't in the cards while we are still renting. It has been fun to see your process - it gives me ideas about how to really go about gathering things with a method. I loved the links you sent with the clothing ideas for the family has made it so easy to think outside the box!