Calm Breeze

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our First New Piece of Living Room Furniture in Ten Years!

Q: What do you do when you can't come to an agreement with your husband on what kind of sofa to get?

A: You buy an entertainment center. 


BEFORE (the thick layer of dust is a nice touch, right?)


Much better, no? (Sorry about the resolution, can't find my good camera)

It helped that we got a super-awesome deal on it (you know me and my need to share every good deal I get--it's a compulsion). We actually saw this piece at a nearby showroom called Osmond Design. They have gorgeous stuff, most of it pretty pricey, but great quality, and you can find some good deals there. I had gone in there several times looking for sofas, and happened to pop in over Memorial Day and they had this brand new entertainment wall they had just unpacked. It still had some styrofoam beads clinging to it! We both loved it, it was a great price, and Andrew wanted to buy it right then and there. But with me and my obsessive need to comparison shop, I said let's wait and look at another place or two, just to make sure.

I also have a hard time buying any big ticket items without reading reviews on it, so I jumped online and googled the model we had seen. A few clicks later, I actually found it at this online furniture store for $600 less than the already attractive price offered by Osmond Design! (I just noticed that their price has gone up like $1000 now, too. We lucked out!) The bargain hunter in me squealed and did a happy dance. 

We had already seen the unit in person, so we knew what we were getting, but we were still a little nervous about ordering it online. The worst part, especially for my impatient husband, was knowing we would have to wait. The website said that we could expect a wait of 14-16 business days--three weeks or so! We were happily surprised when we received an email a week later that we would be getting our shipment in another two days! The delivery men brought it in but for some reason, weren't allowed to assemble stuff "over their head" (that could be taken two ways, you know!). Fortunately, our kind neighbor came over and helped pull the whole thing together. 

And I have to say, the result is AWESOME! This is by far the biggest and most expensive piece of furniture we have ever bought, but it is just what that huge wall needs, don't you think? It adds color and richness to the room, raises the TV away from sticky fingers, and gives me lots of nice shelves to put knick-knacks and stuff on! Yes, I get to have accessories now! I haven't actually had anything to display useless but attractive decorative objects on before! But that's a whole 'nother post to come...

So, once again, trashy old Target TV stand before...

Beautiful, huge, solid wood entertainment wall with touch lighting, lots of fun shelves, and cupboard doors that are not falling off to hide all our ugly video games and what not, after...