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Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspiration in Blue and Green (and Brown)

Sometimes when I am trying to decide how I want to do a room, I wish I could just find the perfect look and completely copy it, like a paint-by-number. Wouldn't it be nice if everything from furniture to fabric to paint colors was just mapped out for you, like an instruction manual? Unfortunately, while I have never found a picture that perfectly represents what I have floating around invisibly in my mind, there are plenty of beautiful photos out there in cyberspace that inspire with a paint color here, a curtain fabric there. There's nothing like seeing a color or texture combination that just speaks to you and gives you little shoots of joy down your spine. Here then, are some of the inspiring pictures I have collected with my living room in mind. (If you're getting tired of hearing about my living room, hang in there--I have just received inspiration about my future dining room/current music room that will probably show up in the next few posts).

My basic color scheme: Lime Green, Sky Blue, Turquoise, and Chocolate. This is a little heavier on the brown than I would prefer, but it's a nice visual to get all the colors next to each other. While I like how the dark brown grounds the lighter colors, I don't want it to dominate, and will probably have it show up mostly in the dark woods of my furniture.

A pretty depiction of the blue-green-brown combination. Note how the green is only used in the plants and decorations, but is still an important part of the color scheme.

I LOOOOOVE these curtains! So bright and airy!

And the fabric on this couch! Seriously, if I could figure out what this fabric is, I would buy it on the spot for my curtains, because it is just perfect. It would go really well with my lime green damask curtains in the kitchen, and still pull in the pretty blue. I am considering putting up a reward for anyone who can figure out what it is and where I can get it. How does $5 sound? Anyone? Anyone?

I can't tell you how much I love the combination of sapphire blue and white porcelain with this bright green color (and aren't those white birds in that dish ADORABLE!). I think there just isn't enough sapphire blue in the world today. It's always been one of my favorite colors (and I must admit, is a great color on me as well), but you really don't see it used a whole lot these days. Too bad.

Another example of green plants not officially entering into the room's color scheme, and yet playing an important part of the overall look. I also love the addition of the bright yellow chairs here. And that light fixture! I'm not a big fan of the brass look, but I think it works well with the sunny chairs.

I had another shot of this same room, from across the kitchen, but I accidentally deleted it and can't find it again! So, you can't see it, but the kitchen was done in all light neutral cream and gray, with dark wood and white countertops. I love how there were very few actual bright colors in the paint, wood, and finishes. It was all the little touches of color in the accessories that really brought it to life. A little brightness goes such a long way!

This room is so sweet! The colors on the fabric and rug are so bright, but the flowing white curtains and pale wood kind of soak up all the brightness and just leave you feeling calm and tranquil. It reminds me of very romantic ship bunks!

Isn't this mural outstanding? The whole reason I love the blue and green combination is because it represents green grass and blue sky, and this huge piece of art literally brings the colors of the outside into this room. And I love all the french-style accents, like that gorgeous chandelier and the ornate mirror.

Well, anyway, that was fun, wasn't it? If you have any other great pictures with the blue and green combination, send them my way! I'll take inspiration any way I can get it!


  1. I love! Have you heard of pinterest? It is an awesome website, it's like every blogs best pics. Check it out and if you want to join you either get put on a waiting list or have someone invite you. I can invite you if you want just let me know your email.

  2. The fabric on the sofa is a Thibaut fabric.
    I love it too!

    Pattern Mimosa
    Collection Waterlily
    Colorway Aqua
    SKU T1166