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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Salt Lake City Parade of Homes 2011: The Highlights!

I am a Parade of Homes junkie! I love going every year to ooh and ahhh over the big fancy houses, but also to get some real life ideas about what to do with a normal everyday house to make it special. It's a great way to see both design trends (the styles and techniques that you see over and over again) and design innovations (that one house that stands on its own, with a unique, but amazing style!). Here are my favorite highlights from this year's Parade. I will go into more detail on some of the individual houses in another post. And I apologize in advance--I am not a professional photographer and I don't have the awesomest camera!

Pretty Houses (outside)

Amazing Wallpaper

Really Cool Light Fixtures


Fun Kids' Rooms

Cool Outdoor Spaces

Pretty Bathrooms

Beautiful Bedrooms


  1. Wow -- this was an ambitious post! Thanks for letting me see the parade through your eyes. I want to see kitchens, though -- are those coming? Do you find you typically like most things you see, or are you a non-conformist? As you said, you seem to see some of the same things again and again, and I always find myself wanting to buck the trends. It will be interesting to see how your own tastes develop as you get into design school.

  2. love this post I pinterested some of the pics.