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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Word Art and You!

I'm sure most of you have noticed the popularity of vinyl lettering as wall decor these days. It seems like everybody has the inevitable "Live*Laugh*Love" emblazoned on a wall somewhere in their home. It is cheap, easy, customizable and easily changed out when you're tired of it. I have actually always liked the idea of using inspiring thoughts as art throughout your home. It says something about who you are, your values, your interests, your sense of humor, and if done correctly, can be a very beautiful addition to your home's decor.

The problem I have with vinyl's popularity is that everyone has the same cliche`d sayings in their homes. There are maybe four or five of these sayings that I see over and over again ("All because two people fell in love" being one of the biggies). While the sentiments expressed might be something that you agree with and seem cute, as I said in my last post, I am all about finding what is unique about you and letting it stand out. Don't be like everybody else! If you are interested in using vinyl lettering or quote signs in your home, take just a little extra time and thought to find something that is really YOU: a quotation from a favorite author, a well-loved poem or lyrics to a song, or a clever witticism that just tickles you each and EVERY time you read it. I feel like any art you choose to display in your home should be something that gives you great pleasure in looking at, time and time again, and it's no different if you use words instead of pictures.

I'd like to share some great examples of word art used very well. First of all, I just found this adorable site this morning, with all sorts of fun signs. specializes in wooden signs for the kitchen, kids room, or anywhere, and also has some really cute wooden picture frames and customizable jewelry. This is my most favorite sign of their selection, a reminder necessary on a daily basis for my family:
18"X20" Work Together Play Fair....sign

Another one with a more beautiful sentiment. Who knew that Audrey Hepburn had so many wonderful things to say? It makes me want to learn more about her.
"People, even more than things..." Audrey Hepburn sign

And another one I love, that I haven't seen before:
24" "A successful marriage requires falling in love many times... Always to the same person" sign

While these signs are beautiful and fun, they are also a little on the pricey side. If you are a crafty person, you can always order just the letters from any of the billion websites out there that do custom lettering and put it directly on the wall or on your own piece of wood, metal, or glass. Or, you can get a sweet 50% off at Chicklingo Signs by going to the daily deals site at, which directed me there in the first place (I believe this offer expires tonight, July 27th, but many of the Groupon-type sites I get emails from have similar deals on similar products).

Also, if you do put the vinyl letters directly on your wall, don't be afraid to play with the color. Most people just use solid black, which has its place, but can be abrupt and too attention-grabbing. Sometimes a subtle effect is more desireable. I saw an episode of Divine Design on HGTV in which designer Candice Olson (one of my favorites!) used vinyl lettering all over the wall of this loft apartment. She asked the client to give her a whole bunch of her favorite quotes, from like Martin Luther King, Jr. and others who had influenced her. I can't find an up close picture of the wall from this episode, so you can only really see the basic lines of the lettering on the wall, but it's the wall on the right side of the picture. The wall was painted a silvery bluish-gray, and the lettering was done in a pale but shiny champagne gold color. The reflective surface added some shine and was so pretty, without the letters standing out starkly. It was almost a kind of wallpaper effect.

I also saw another design show--I can't remember which one, sorry! I think it was Color Splash with David Bromstad--who used vinyl lettering in a similar way. They asked the client to give them a long list of single words they thought described them, and had these words custom made in different sizes, fonts, and shades of blue, from very dark to very light, and put the words in lines all over a light blue wall. Fun, different, very individual!

Lots of stores have fun picture decals as well as words that can be put all over the entire wall. I love this nursery!

If you've seen any really great ideas for vinyl lettering, signs, or decals, I'd love to see them!


  1. I agree about all the sayings being the same. I've tried some kids decorations and it seems like they don't stick to the walls very well unless there isn't any texture on the wall. Have you ever come across something that would stck to a textured wall?

  2. I agree, but I at least vinyl is cheap and like you said easy to take down.